Be quiet. Listen.

Be quiet. Listen. That is where the answers live.

So many of us never take the time time to quiet the mind and really listen to what our heart and soul is telling us.  I’m guilty of this! I’m always so busy trying to cross off tasks on my to do list that I never sit and really listen.  I’ve let my ego tell me that success is something tangible, it is a tangible completed task or achievement.  When we don’t tap into the quiet answers of our heart and soul we get further away from alignment with ourselves.

What we make important becomes important.  Start by taking 5 minutes out of your day to sit by yourself, be quiet and listen.  If it is too difficult to sit and breath…buy a journal and without judgement write down what comes to your mind.

Without alignment with our heart and soul,  daily tasks can take us farther apart from what our life’s purpose and passion.  What will it take for you to take time out of your daily routine to be quiet and listen?

Aligning with your purpose and passion


Reflecting back on my childhood and my role models I’m grateful for both those that were horrible and for those that were extraordinary.  It is the polarization of experiences in life that really give up perspective.  Even the exceptional role models or mentors that I had in my life didn’t encourage me to live my dreams, find my purpose and passion.

Coming from a blue-collar family, most of whom worked in factories, thought that the only way that you could make it ahead in life was by working hard, usually meaning working overtime 60 to 90 hours a week.  If they did encourage me to go to school, at a local community college, it was to obtain a degree in something like business or accounting something that would give me knowledge or credentials to be a supervisor or manager in factory.  I’m not condemning my family, I know they were giving the advice from a place of love and practicality.  From their perspective you need to work to make money, you don’t have to love your job.

I believe the time is now! We need to start a movement in schools across the nation to provide the proper guidance to help youth find their life purpose and passion.  Help them tap into what really makes them inspired.  Only when we can help our youth tap into their souls and their live purpose will the collective consciousness of our society begin to soar and a true shift will happen.  How do we do this?

Getting Started.


I’ve committed to taking a 7-day Blog Challenge with Live Your Legend.  My usual writing practice over the years has been in a black moleskin notebook.  Most times only outlining my goals, daily gratitudes and random thoughts and ideas.  I’ve decided to take this challenge in hopes of gaining clarity on my how I can make an impact in this world while at the same time I’m hoping that I can inspire others with my thoughts and perspectives.  Let the blogging begin! (The picture above is my view from the Westin in Beaver Creek Colorado, one of my favorite places to come to relax and celebrate).